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this is how you character development

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wait. hold up. daniel didn’t die because of regina. a lot of other people died because of regina, but not daniel. daniel died because snow didn’t keep the secret, and cora chose to kill him. not regina. regina didn’t cause his death.

regina feels guilty for daniel’s death, as we can see here. she believes, as we can surmise, that simply by loving him she caused his death. it is development that she’s gone from blaming snow to blaming herself, but can we like. stop deeming this as positive development. regina is literally blaming herself for something she did not do. but feels responsible, because he chose to love her. she feels responsible for his choices.

i don’t feel like i’m explaining this well, but something about praising this character development as positive doesn’t feel right. it feels like agreeing with the fact that regina caused daniel’s death. please correct me if i’m wrong in assuming that was what’s going on here.

it’s regina taking on responsibility for something she did not do while apparently snow gets off scott-free for her involvement and that is something that is. not. okay. this is not healthy for regina.  she cannot and should not take on the burdens and responsibilities of others because taking the blame for this, believing that she is responsible for daniel’s death, that is harmful for regina.

you wanna know who is responsible?  cora.  and snow.  because snow decided she knew better about regina’s life than regina did and told cora that secret.  cora ripped out daniel’s heart.  the only thing regina ever did to daniel was love him.  regina blaming herself is not positive character development at all.  in fact, this being shown as something positive and then being applauded is disgusting.

Forgetting even Snow’s hand in this for a second (i don’t absolve her but keeping her out of the equation for a second), this is a victim of child abuse who believes one of the most debilitating lies an abuser tells the person they abuse: that they brought it on themselves. That the victim is responsible for their own pain and suffering. So, Regina will literally blame herself before she blames her mother

And if you look at the larger pattern of how Regina reacts to Cora’s actions- it’s perfectly keeping in line with all her decisions regarding Cora since she was seventeen where she would do anything to excuse Cora or deny the worst of the abuses.So, it’s not character development, it’s character consistency 

and it’s not healthy at all because it directly contributes to Regina’s self loathing that she screws up those who want to love her. And it all tracks back to Cora who didn’t love her right. 

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Yvette: You have a few suitors on the show, Jennifer. A few, like five or six really good-looking men just throwing themselves at you. — (x)

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How bad is it gonna get for Emma? (x)(x)

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Because people like to create drama.

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Regina Mills Appreciation Week:
Day 1
: Favourite persona: Selfless Regina

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i don’t know if this was an actual question and these were actual reactions but every last one of them is kind of awesome because you have colin’s ‘no wait till you find out’ grin and Jen’s ‘noooooot telling’ smirk and Josh’s ‘I have a newborn I’m not actually conscious’ everything and Lana’s ‘oh god not her’ face and then Jared looks at everyone else like 'what's an Elizabeth Mitchell?' lol I refuse to watch the show but I’m kind of dying to know why they’re keeping it secret fucking webgeekist's tags im dying

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"And so I like the villains on the show." {x}

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Lana Parrilla at SDCC 2014

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Andrew Garfield’s superhero moment at Comic-Con..

Guys…someone finally did it! They dressed up in a shitty version of their character…AND THEN REVEALED THAT THEY ARE THAT CHARACTER! ITS FINALLY HAPPENED



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frankenwolf au :: wedding day kisses

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Many thanks to Once Upon A Fan - we finally have the Regina sneak peek.

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Lana Parrilla talking about her fans (x)

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